Families Experiences of existing systems of care invited family member in conversation

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David Shiers

Dr. David Shiers is a clinical advisor to the National Audit of Schizophrenia and currently a member of the guideline development group reviewing the NICE guidance for Adults with Schizophrenia. As a GP in North Staffordshire, David developed particular interest in mental health from personal involvement as father to a daughter with schizophrenia from the mid-90s. From early complaints David engaged in developing a radical service redesign derived from what he felt was lacking in his daughters early experiences of care. He became a key contributor to the WHO Early Psychosis Declaration (2004) and was joint lead with Dr Jo Smith of the UKs National Early Intervention in Psychosis Programme (2004-10). Retiring in 2010, David continues to engage with the Royal Colleges of Psychiatry and General Practice to promote the importance of tackling the early physical determinants which set young people with psychosis on a pathway to poor health and premature death.

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November, 2013
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