Time to Reflect: Enhancing the self-_efficacy of secondary school wellbeing personnel in recognising and responding to mental health needs of students

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Judy Ring

Introduction: Time to Reflect (TTR) is an innovative six-session professional development program for secondary school wellbeing personnel jointly designed and delivered by an educational and a youth mental health specialist service. The program provides education on a range of mental health-related topics and offers participants an opportunity to reflect constructively on their current practices, thereby fostering development and generalisation of competencies. Objectives: The primary aim of this study was to evaluate whether the TTR program increases perceived competence and confidence of participants, in recognising and responding to mental health needs of students. The secondary aim was to assess changes in the use of reflection and its perceived benefits for professional practice. Methods: Participants completed a self-assessment questionnaire at three time points: prior to the first session; after the final session; and three-months following completion of the program. The questionnaire comprised both qualitative and standardised outcome measures. Results: Ninety-eight school wellbeing personnel participated. Following completion of the program participants reported significantly greater confidence (p

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November, 2013
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