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Personality disorder in young people: no longer controversial? Andrew Chanen

Personality disorder diagnosis has previously been controversial in young people. However, personality disorders are increasingly seen as lifespan developmental disorders that are just as reliable and valid in adolescence as they are in adulthood, are not reducible to other diagnoses, and can be identified in day to day clinical practice. Personality disorders rise in prevalence from puberty, peak in young adulthood and decline steadily thereafter. Personality disorder in young people demarcates a group with high current and future morbidity.

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Multisystemic Therapy for Emerging Adults (MST-_EA): Treating Emerging Adult Offenders Who Have Mental Health Conditions Maryann Davis

The risk of recidivism among emerging adults with serious mental health conditions (SMHC) is very high. Specifically, of arrested 18- to 21-year-olds, half of males and over a quarter of females with a SMHC will be re-arrested within the year. This elevated arrest risk among emerging adults with SMHCs suggests that reducing recidivism in this population is vital to supporting their transition into adulthood. Yet, there currently are no proven interventions to reduce recidivism in young adults, with or without SMHCs.

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Does the centre hold? Mental Health policy reform in the era of devolution and localised commissioning Sarah-Jane Fenton

FENTON This paper will explore the mental health policies and provision of services in three countries in the UK (Scotland, England, and Wales) for adolescents and young people aged between 16 and 25 years of age. Health was one of the first budget and policy areas to be devolved in the UK (1999 in Scotland and 2011 in Wales). Last year (2012) saw the development of country specific mental health strategies in Scotland, Wales and England. These strategies outlined agendas for change in service development and delivery, and expressed a common commitment to mental health and wellbeing.

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